The Brief

Launch Swatch's Full-Blooded Collection by doing something special that would get noticed by the trendy tech-savvy Londoners, and get talked about.

The Idea

Waste Your Time With Joy. A month-long happening to turn the Full-Blooded philosophy into an experience.
We hid 50 Swatch watches in 50 lockers around London. And started a treasure hunt. To win, Londoners had to fight their common hate: waiting. Ads around tube stations and bus stops allowed them to download games, music, short films and short stories into their smartphones, all containing clues to find the hidden watches.


The Brief

Surprise and delight Telecom customers with something special for Father's Day. A creative idea to build talkability and PR hype.

The Idea: Talk to Dad

Nationwide calls increase about 13% on Mother's Day, but sadly they only increase around 2% on Father's Day; so this year we committed to making it easier for people to call their dads: by offering free calling from all NZ phone boxes. We also created a traditional campaign with helpful conversation prompts that Dad would appreciate, and dressed a few phone boxes around the country with "dad stuff", in case you ran out of ideas on the spot.


The NZ Fringe Festival is a celebration of art and culture with live performances by a number of acts.
In support of the Festival, our client Contact Energy sponsored a People’s Choice Award, putting up $5,000 prize money for the act deemed most popular by voters.

The Idea: A live leaderboard

To remind passer-bys of the Award, Contact commissioned a traveling billboard displaying the number of votes that each show received, live.
They had their own mini performance: an LED panel displaying the name of the show and the digits by performers dressed in LED suits, forming the numbers with their bodies.
This ‘digital” look and feel ran though the whole campaign: posters, app and website. People voted for their favourite act using #fringefave on Twitter and Contact’s website.

The Results

The campaign engaged 14,651 people over a three week period.
In excess of 50,000 votes received Twitter engagement was very high, and people had loads of fun with the human led lights.

The Wellingtonista


The Brief

Help Beck's Blue put itself on the map.

The Idea: The Sunday Society

Getting the Brits to change their drinks for a non-alcohol beer wasn't an easy job, however, making them re-discover the potential of "the other half of the weekend" proved much more successful.

It all started in the Blue bottles themselves as the main ad media. Their labels included a QR code that allowed consumers to download an app that targeted Sunday events nearby. From markets to concerts, exhibitions and sport events, all fresh alternatives to a hangover Sunday.

The campaign grew with collaterals like the 52Sundays calendar and the Sunday Society, a traveling bar that held small performances on Sundays.

By giving the consumers something playful and useful we managed to move Beck's Blue from being an unknown plain beer to being the longer fun alternative.


The Brief

Communicate the facts and numbers about alcohol consumption within students and raise awareness about the recommended alcohol intake.

The Idea: Spin the bottle

A fast-paced poster/game to translate these numbers into a more fun, wacky way for them to learn to drink responsibly without feeling they are being lectured to.

These posters were handed out in universities, youth events, parks and music festivals; appeared as a cover wrap on the Metro free newspaper and were also available online.



H2O is an idea to help raise funds for African water projects by doing sponsored walks from any place starting with the letter H to any place starting with the letter O (ie Home to Office, Hammersmith to Oxford St).

Diageo contributed in the initiative by creating the "African Cocktails". During the Walk for Water week, customers were served mixed drinks such as Muddy Water, Filthy Gordon or Mucky Mary, with £1 from every cocktail going to African water projects through H2O.


Pongo is short for "¿Dónde lo pongo?", (Spanish for Where do I put it?).
The Pongo concept includes a wide range of Stuff; the most illustrative Pongo objects are tacky souvenirs and useless Secret Santa presents.

The Pongo Party

Before I leave a country for good, I raffle off everything that doesn't fit in my suitcase: from a hammer to a bulb of garlic; a printer to a French for Beginners book.

Pongo parties have been celebrated in the Netherlands, the US, New Zealand and the UK so far.
The next one will be happening soon in Barcelona. Be warned.



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