It’s always exciting but daunting to do a brand refresh of a very loved brand. 

And this was exactly the case of this Wildlife Sanctuary; Project Island Song had a well loved and recognised identity, but their original logo, which consisted of several graphics of wildlife overlaped on a full colour landscape as well as type, made it hard to use in many formats. 

My mission was to transform it into a simpler, bolder, more iconic and modern version of their much loved logo.

The first thing I did was to go check out the place where all their amazing natural eco-system restoration work takes place: The islands of Ipipiri (which is a lush and incredibly close version to my idea of paradise!).

The birdsong there is captivating and was one of the most enduring memories for many.

That was one of the reasons that took me to distill their diverse wildlife to their most emblematic expression: the tui. It’s protected by a bubble, tightening up the design and honouring the
silhouette aspect from the old logo. We carefully chose a brand colour palette handpicked from their existing landscape and a lighter version of their original font rounded the package.

Brand refresh & Marketing Design for Project Island Song
Footage by Up&Up


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Mariona Wesselo. Copyright 2020