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This is not work, stuff just happened to be art directing itself.


life in Manhattan

Indonesia Ancestral

Around Aotearoa (1000 days in NZ)


Yalla Habibi (stories from Morocco)

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Meet in the Middle: Vietnam Reunion

Songs from Egypt / يا حبيبي يلله

California here we came

The Gambia & Le Senegal

Meet in the Middle: Philippines Edition


Don Lon


Viva México cabrones 

Many of these photographs were displayed at the Home from Away Exhibition (Art Walk, California, 2009), and later on they were put together on a book with the same title.

"I started making the pictures that are in here before I even knew there would be a book. I was just exploring my new environment, so surprising sometimes and so familiar others. There’s always a mixed feeling, half way between the curiosity for the novelty and an unconscious search for something known.
Through the eyes of a traveler the world is seen through new filters; sometimes this condition allows people to distance themselves from the space, while in other occasions it has the power to bring us closer to humankind. Sometimes just makes oneself more aware of their own identity. Through this cognitive state meaningless details can be full of power and the beauty of the daily scenes can turn out to be captivating.

For how long can someone be a foreigner? What determines where we place our frontiers? Which things can bring our mind back home?
After several years abroad my perspective of the reality that surrounds me has been in a continuous change. My photography, thus, captures quotidian scenarios with the intention to catch the essence of culture and the attitude of the spaces.

The trips I have done during this period of time had been fundamental to find the thread of my work. It is fascinating how different we look at things when we change our habitual space, and how certain sounds, smells or atmospheres can instantly make disappear any boundaries of time and place.
This book ended up being a collection of photos of what I have seen and how I see. Is a feel of home from overseas, a home from away, if it can exist."  

San Diego, CA. 2009


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