Some installations and space play for the DPWF* Collection, exhibited at UCSD, California 2009.


Rave in antartica from Mariona Wesselo: Frozen jelly and Christmas lights

“do a object that is partying
really few things quicken my heart like these
(don’t play with food)
those lights.. they absorve you. like, i can be dancing there with the lights off and some music, watching how those little leds go on and off and make the body be alive. (...)”

get really into one material, study its qualities, malleability, time to dry, and stuff.
no glues, no jointures, just weight, shapes, material, edges, arrangelemt with metaphore
mathilde has to be seen in the sun. playful textures, shadows, shapes...”

“continuing with the ephemeral play. objects to be seen once, and time-changing. everyone has a different experience at the moment they approach it, and every moment they re-approach it.
keep the shapes simple. horizontal and vertical lines. play with space, volume, repetition and uniqueness. enjoy the change of state from solid to liquid, or gas”

“do something as big as you can for 5 bucks or less.
drunk chair uses space and non-space. sense of construction, makes emphasis on the process as well as on the result. human scale. figurative representation, but lack of usability. the material creates a relation between its main use and the idea it refers to.
- the chair looks drunk.
- ya, thank you.”

sculpture that lives in the mind’s eye.
She creates volume using accumulation of everydays’ materials. through repetition. strangely beautiful”


Invite to the exhibition opening of "Please Give Generously", a series of artworks by Judy Darragh that gently and warmly open up the concepts of generosity, hospitality and the use of public space for discussion.

This has been the first in public art commission of Antidote To Indifference, an art programme in partnership between Letting Space and JWT that cross between public and private space, and the worlds of contemporary art and advertising.

JWT seeks to go beyond advertising to make a positive contribution to daily life. Likewise, Letting Space create art projects in public space which aim to lead to positive social change through artists working in innovative new ways as part of the fabric of our cities and communities.


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